LMA (Lick My Ass) – a chair
by Pettersen & Hein

LMA (Lick My Ass) – a chair

Chair sculpture made of four cast pigment-dyed concrete blocks, joined together with iron tubes, and a glass-blasted, anodized aluminium seat with hand-made indentations that create a textured surface.

The aluminium was laser-cut, bent, glass-blasted, hammered and anodized. The dyed concrete was poured into bespoke moulds using a specially developed technique that results in a specific pattern. The elements lock together in a stable construction, like toy bricks, by means of cavities cast into the concrete blocks.

In a paraphrase on Winston Churchill’s famous statement about buildings, Pettersen & Hein created LMA as part of an effort to explore how ‘we shape our furniture, and afterwards our furniture shapes us’ – how we create and interact with furniture and the role that furniture plays in moulding and projecting our identity.

Concrete, pigment, iron tube, anodized aluminium

H 75 x L 60 cm x W 65 cm

Pettersen & Hein

Magnus Pettersen
artist, b. 1983

Lea Hein
furniture designer, cabinetmaker, b. 1981

Pettersen & Hein work mainly in metal, stone and dyed concrete, often favouring industrial materials that they refine and imbue with new properties and values. The duo’s practice positions itself in between design and art, resulting in hybrid one-off works with a message. They explore the potentials of materials, transforming cold, prosaic and seemingly static materials, such as concrete and metal, to soft, tactually inviting objects intended to define and generate a space within a space. In a working process that is closer to the artist’s intuitive approach, they put form over function in works that appear to suggest a functional purpose that they do not in fact contain – or do they? With this ambiguity they seek to engage the beholder’s senses and create a space for people to pause and reflect.

Education and practice
Magnus Pettersen:
2011: MFA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Lea Hein:
2014: BFA, HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2010: Cabinetmaker, Grebbestad Folkhögskola, Grebbestad, Sweden

Selected collections and collaborations
Represented by Etage Projects Gallery, Copenhagen
2017: Commissioned displays for Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2016–2017: Commissioned works for Copenhagen Contemporary
Retail interior, Naked (sneaker shop), Århus, Denmark

Selected grants and honours
2017: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2016: Bo Bedre, Norway, ‘Årets Kunsthåndværk’ (Craft object of the year)
2016: Nominated by Architectural Digest, ‘Fast Forward’ award

Selected exhibitions
2017: ‘Home’, solo exhibition, Etage Project Gallery, Copenhagen
2017: ‘Exhibit Columbus’, Columbus, IN, USA
2017: ‘If it’s a Chair’, Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, USA
2016: ‘Wallpaper Handmade’, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy
2016: ‘Vibrant Matter’, solo exhibition, Four Boxes, Skive, Denmark


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