Together with exhibition curator Ditte Hammerstrøm, 17 of Denmark’s leading makers and designers head to Milan in April to present new works created especially for the Danish Arts Foundation’s MINDCRAFT exhibition. The exhibition is presented at the Milan Design Week, one of the world’s most significant design platforms.

The Danish Arts Foundation invited furniture designer Ditte Hammerstrøm to be this year’s curator and exhibition designer. She in turn selected 17 participants among Denmark’s leading craft makers and designers, who were given the opportunity to present new bespoke works to the international audience at one of the world’s most important design events.

Curator Ditte Hammerstrøm says about her selection:
‘The Danish crafts and design scene is very strong right now. The participants I have selected are among the very best in their field and able to produce site-specific works for the exhibition venue. They all employ an experimental process and take a unique approach to their materials. As a group, they represent the high level of diversit0y, innovation and quality that characterizes Danish crafts and design right now.’

A strong team with a diverse expression
Spanning from ceramics, glass and jewellery to textile and furniture design, the participants represent a diverse range of disciplines and approaches to materials, process and form.

This year’s MINDCRAFT participants are:
Anja Vang Kragh, Pettersen & Hein (Lea Hein, Magnus Pettersen), Petra Dalström, Kevin Hviid, Kasper Kjeldgaard, Maria Koshenkova, Louise Campbell, Katrine Borup, Iben Høj, Isabel Berglund, Carl Emil Jacobsen, Gitte Jungersen, Cecilie Bendixen, Rasmus Fenhann, Wednesday Architecture (Sofie Trier Mørk, Lise Bjerre Schmidt).

The careful mix of established and new talents represents the qualities that characterize contemporary Danish craft and design with an emphasis on knowledge of materials, craftsmanship, new methods and an experimental approach.

Photo: The work “LMA (Lick My Ass) A Chair” by Pettersen&Hein will be represented at MINDCRAFT18 in Milan.
Credits: MINDCRAFT/Pettersen&Hein